Web Design I

The first semester involves learning both the XHTML and CSS languages, which are made up of tags, attributes, selectors, properties and values to produce webpages. Integrated between sessions of XHTML/CSS code, we explore image-editing in Adobe Fireworks to enhance the visual component. Time is also spent discovering and using digital citizenship (Internet safety, Copyright Law/Fair Use, district Acceptable Use), logo creation, basic color theory, and professional Design Principles.

As a project-based curriculum, the second semester forces use to apply and practice all first semester skills to the creation of four substantial web projects from beginning to end. This includes web planning, storyboarding, acknowledgement of a target audience, intermediate navigation techniques, QA peer testing, animated advertisements, research and developing content. The third web project is completed in a small group of 3-4 students and spans four entire weeks. In the final six weeks, students create a professional portfolio site to showcase their work and talent in and outside of this course.